Social Finance is a not-for-profit organisation that injects market principles into funding in a way that stands or falls on results - both social and financial

Many charities and social enterprises face serious financial challenges that stop them from carrying out their work effectively. We believe that, if social problems are to be tackled successfully, organisations seeking to solve them need sustainable revenues and investment to innovate and grow.

Our role is to devise the financial structures and raise the capital to enable this to happen.

Social Finance is building a pioneering organisation to develop financial products that marry the ambitions of investors and the sector. We support social organisations to raise and deploy capital; we work with government to deliver social change; and we develop social investment markets and opportunities.

Social Finance injects market principles into funding in a way that stands or falls on results - both social and financial. Our financial products forge essential links between the market, government and society for the greater good.

In these times more than ever, there is a pressing need to harness social investment to make a long term difference to society. This is our ambition.