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We cannot go on assuming that public monies will be sufficient to resolve our many demographic challenges – Lord Bichard

Commissioner Advisory

Social Finance works with public service commissioners to reshape their services so that they focus on outcomes and increase social impact, while reducing costs.

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Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund Support

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Capital Raising and Delivery

We set legal structures including any Special Purpose Vehicle and governance arrangements for new investment vehicles and raise capital from socially committed investors for new programmes. We provide the performance layer to ensure effective delivery, help implement management information systems and analyse operational data to improve performance. We are responsible for the contract management with the commissioner.


We concentrate on aligning incentives around agreed outcomes and building contracts in which those outcomes are clearly specified, and at least in part paid for. This allows greater flexibility in the methodology of provision. Limitations on service innovation, such as responsibilities to service users as vulnerable people set out, and risks are discussed in depth and managed between the parties or allocated to those in a position to manage them.

Design and Modelling

We bring together user needs analysis and feedback, academic research and evidence and local service mapping to assess against the cost and outcome data. This way we build a full understanding of cost and social impact and can recommend potential interventions or changes that improve both.

Analysis and data evaluation

When looking into a social area, we seek to understand the financial and social aspects of the issues together. This usually includes analysing actual service user data to understand client journeys and associated costs on a multi-year basis.

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Social Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No: 497568