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International Development

International Development

We work with donors and governments to design more effective and cost-efficient outcomes-based contracts.

This involves bringing together governments, donors, service providers and investors to design and deliver investment-backed outcomes-based programmes. We raise private investment, which bears the risk around whether outcomes are achieved. The involvement of external risk capital allows for more adaptive service delivery that responds to varied and changing local needs.

Our work spans a range of geographies including sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.  Clients include the World Bank, DFID, USAID, Grand Challenges Canada and the Global Fund.

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Check out our Development Impact Bond FAQs here.

Our international development work is led by Diane Mak, Louise SavellPeter Nicholas and Rob Mills.

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Can we tackle TB in Fiji with an Impact Bond?

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Investing in Social Outcomes: Development Impact Bonds 

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Introduction to Development Impact Bonds for USAID

How can we help you?

Scoping studies

We work with you to undertake initial scoping of promising potential DIBs.

These relatively short studies seek to confirm DIB feasibility and provide sufficient detail to commence or progress conversations with potential outcomes funders.

Typical scoping study outputs include:

  • Target population and location defined and refined
  • Clear definition of success with indicative outcome metrics identified
  • Indicative service interventions identified

Detailed feasibility work

We work with you to develop a full business case for a DIB, including sufficient detail to secure initial approval from outcome funders and potential investors.

Typical feasibility study outputs include:

  • Detailed intervention plan and budget
  • Defined outcomes measurement and payment framework
  • Detailed assessment of financial, economic and social benefits of DIB
  • Defined governance & management structure
  • High level term sheets for outcomes funders, investors and service providers

Pre-implementation support

We work with you to identify, analyse and resolve any areas requiring further work before DIB contracting can commence.

Such issues might include:

  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Investor engagement
  • Investment structuring
  • Intervention testing
  • Confirmation of outcome baselines

Capital raising

We work with you to identify potential investors, refine and market the investment proposition, develop and finalise investor documentation, and secure final commitments for investment.

Ensuring value for money

We work with government and donor agencies to ensure best value from DIB contracts.

Potential services include:

  • Detailed assessment of financial, economic and social benefits of DIBs
  • Support to engage potential investors in DIB design
  • Support around outcomes pricing
  • Support to develop your business case
  • Support to design an effective procurement approach
  • Support to assess tenders and agree outcomes-based contract terms


Performance management support

We work with you to design performance management and monitoring systems, such that project needs, activities and outcomes can be monitored and can be used as active, diagnostic tools to highlight opportunities to improve the services delivered.

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