Disabled Child Finance Facility

61% of families
with disabled
children struggle
to pay their
monthly bills

Over the last year, Social Finance has been working with the Family Fund, True Colours Trust and Council for Disabled Children to develop a tailored solution to financial exclusion among families with disabled children in the UK. The UK’s 860,000 families with disabled children are disproportionately affected by financial exclusion due to the high time and financial burden of care. The nature of these needs is such that they will never be met through grants and benefits alone. As families with disabled children have a strong preference for in-home service provision, Social Finance is exploring the creation of an internet-based portal, offering services that will support families to identify appropriate financial products, services and advice. Following website registration, families would be given a short questionnaire to help them to identify the products and services that best meet their needs. In line with the financial needs identified through our research, we anticipate that the website would facilitate:

  • Improved access to benefits.
  • Improved access to debt management, debt counselling and debt solutions.
  • Improved financial management, including access to managed bank accounts.
  • Improved and informed access to credit.
  • Improved access to savings and insurance products.