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Bonds are an
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of attracting new investment
that benefits individuals and communities

Drug Rehabilitation

Substance misuse has far-reaching impact on society. People who are dependent on drugs are significantly more likely to suffer health problems, go to prison and claim benefits than non-users.  Social Finance has been working with leading organisations and government bodies trying to tackle drug addiction in the UK. The way drug treatment is paid for needs to change to more closely align financial incentives with the outcomes that matter for those suffering from addiction and for society. In October 2012 Social Finance published a report that set out ways of measuring successful recovery from drug addiction.


CVAA and Baker Tilly have developed a SIB to fund adoption services for hard to place children. Social Finance is supporting them as they move to the capital raising phase and will partner with Baker Tilly on the capital raising. The Social Impact Bond is targeted to facilitate and support up to three hundred extra adoptions a year in the UK. These are likely to be focused in particular on children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, with medical or clinical conditions, and those that are over four years old or in sibling groups. For more information please click here.

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