Global Network

Since the launch of the first social impact bond in 2010, interest in the model has grown worldwide. The formation of the Social Finance Global Network, which includes Social Finance UK, Social Finance US, Social Finance IsraelSocial Finance India and Social Finance Netherlands, reflects the increased demand for social impact bonds and other innovative forms of social impact financing. The Social Finance Global Network has developed and launched more social impact bonds than any intermediary organization in the world, and is a global thought leader on how social investment can be deployed to tackled complex social and developmental issues.

Members of the Global Network work closely together to advance social impact bondsand other innovative financing solutions worldwide. We work with local intermediaries in different countries to support the development of the model in those countries, and advise on how it can be adapted and used to tackle pressing social problems in different communities and contexts. 

The Global Network also works closely with the members of our international team who focus on developing and structuring development impact bonds, aimed at addressing global development challenges.

For more information, please contact Jane Newman.


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