A technical guide to developing social impact bonds

Published: 13 January 2013

The thoughts included in this guide represent Social Finance’s experience to date in developing social impact bonds (SIBs).

We will learn more and refine this process on future projects. We hope to learn from others’ approaches. This is a new and changing market and we hope this guide provides a useful template for developing approaches to shift more resource into prevention work. While this report focuses on Children Services, we believe there is potential for SIBs to offer solutions in other local authority services areas where there is potential for significant social impact.

Social Finance is committed to providing a range of support for those interested in developing SIB proposals. This could range from full engagement through a detailed feasibility study of a particular intervention or issue area to help with specific parts of the SIB development process (see below for further details of this process). We are aiming to provide a set of tools to help minimise the costs of developing these products, and we hope that this guide is a useful start point.

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