An outcomes-based approach to addressing the human impact of climate change in Kenya

Published: 18 February 2020

Turkana County Government, Oxfam, and Social Finance are re-imagining the role of finance in areas of sub-Saharan Africa on the front line of climate change. 

We are currently seeking partners to support a soft launch of the Water Outcomes Finance Facility.

A new approach is needed to ensure reliable, equitable & affordable access to safe water for the poorest, in a region of Kenya where climate change is making drought more intense and more frequent.

The Water Outcomes Finance Facility will ensure that aid dollars drive well-functioning local water systems. Donors’ funds in the Facility will repay Turkana County when – and only when – there are reliable and sustained water services that people are prepared to pay for.

The Water Outcomes Facility will be part of a locally-owned model of water provision. Short-term water projects run by outsiders will be a thing of the past. The Facility will support:

  • Accountability for results: Careful measurement of practical outcomes achieved by water service providers: from working water points to quick repair turnarounds
  • Innovation: Smart, cost-efficient technologies, such as renewable solar, remote sensors, and automated & transparent billing
  • Inclusion: Funding for reliable service contracts that target safe water access for the very poorest

The volume of funding is not our focus; instead, we aim to change how that funding is provided, in order to deliver the most impact possible.

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