Learning in plain sight

Often the biggest problems in society are too complex to be solved by just one organisation – or even one sector. 

That’s why we set up the Impact Incubator. Since 2014, we’ve been bringing together partners and perspectives from across society to explore new ways of tackling some of our most pressing social challenges.

We’re not here to tell people how to do systems change. But we know from experience that the best way to learn more and achieve more is by having an open, honest dialogue with our collaborators. So we wanted to identify those who are already demonstrating interesting thinking or practice in different settings. Then talk to them, so we can learn from one another. 

In 2019 we held a series of in-person workshops across the UK – taking in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, London and Leeds. These workshops brought together the leaders and change makers transforming some of the most complex issues facing society. We want to provide a space for people working at the cutting edge of social change to learn from one another about how change happens.

The workshops led to a series of articles themed around some of the key topics that we think will be of interest to anyone working in social change. You can read the articles by following the links below.

Getting started

Where to begin with social change? Here are examples of how others have got to grips with complex issues and set the wheels in motion.

Bringing people together

Coalitions for change: How fostering the right relationships make social change a reality.

Planning for scale

How can we improve our chances of scaling the impact of our work – so that the change is lasting and widespread? 

Breaking the mould

Find new ways of approaching the social issue you’re tackling – and ideas on how to integrate the latest innovations into your own projects.

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