Learning lessons for education from the use of results-based financing in health

Published: 8 December 2021

This report, developed by Social Finance, Percept and Jet Education Services for the World Bank, looks to capture the lessons that can be learned from results-based financing (RBF) as it is utilised in the health sector, to inform the application of RBF in education provision in low- and middle-income countries. 

This report makes the case that lessons from interventions in the health sector can be valuable to the education sector by draws a number of parallels between the health and education sectors; including the challenges of delivering high quality services to users and the common focus on access ahead of quality of services, which doesn’t necessarily lead to an increase in outcomes for users. 

It reviews a broad range of RBF literature in the health sector to identify key RBF programme design considerations have been shown by the literature to affect programme effectiveness, and considers how these could be applied to improve the quality of education provision.

Watch a panel discussion on the findings from this work at the Funding Education for Results Global Conference 2022.

You can also read a summary version of the report, produced by the World Bank:

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