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Black Thrive is a partnership to improve mental well-being among the black community in Lambeth
Social Finance and Kin Capital launched the first national fund to take advantage of the new Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR)
A man and woman standing in front of a toilet in rural Cambodia
Bringing safe sanitation to rural communities in Cambodia
We are working with Cameroonian and Canadian partners to scale Kangaroo Mother Care for premature and low birth weight infants in Cameroon using a Development Impact Bond
The Care and Wellbeing fund is a £12 million fund from Macmillan and Big Society Capital to invest in new models of care for those living with cancer
We have strategic partnerships with local authorities to see how we can help them improve services for vulnerable populations
The Children’s benchmarking tool charts individual experiences under Children Services
Helping local authorities manage their resources and take positive action in the face of the uncertainties created by Covid-19.
We partnered with Depaul, a homelessness charity to tech-enable their program Nightstop, to better provide young people in crisis with a safe place to stay
Every day, a classroom of 35 children are told to permanently leave mainstream education, 70% more than five years ago. We worked closely with a council to better understand which children are at risk of exclusion locally, and how we could support them.
How can we better protect the most vulnerable young people from falling out of education and employment?
Drive is a response to high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse in Essex, South Wales and West Sussex
Children’s Services departments face declining budgets and high Looked After Care caseloads. They need to identify how to best use their limited budgets and more effectively target support at those who need it most.
The End of Life Care Integrator (EOLCI) provides development support and upfront investment to support the development, delivery and sustainability of community-based end of life care services.
The Energise Social Impact Bond supported employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming NEET
The Essex Social Impact Bond provides therapeutic support for 380 adolescents on the edge of care
The DePaul Social Impact Bond supports homeless youth
The St Basils Social Impact Bond supports for homeless youth
Social workers seldom have access to all the information they need on a child and their family when deciding whether there is a safeguarding risk and what support is most appropriate.
 Health & Employment Partnerships transforms the lives of those with health conditions by helping them find fulfilling work
We are working with both Enfield Council to help structure funding solutions for provision for homeless families
We are working in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Brazil to develop a range of impact bonds that address youth unemployment, low educational attainment, lack of female empowerment and poor outcomes for disadvantaged children.
Leaving Well is a framework to improve support for young people leaving the care system.
Leeds City Centre
Leeds City Council needed visibility across all of their Early Help services to analyse what works best and continue to improve services.
We are supporting the Liberian Ministry of Education and philanthropic funders to manage the Partnership for Schools programme
The Mental Health and Employment Social Impact Bond works in five areas to help people with severe mental health issues back into work
A child of around 10 years old siting on a sofa using a tablet computer
We helped the NSPCC evaluate whether the Digital Life Stories tool was sustainable in the long term.
We are supporting the Palestinian Authority, World Bank & DAI on a Development Impact Bond to open up employment opportunities for Palestinian women and youth
World's first Social Impact Bond to reduce reoffending in Peterborough
Over 1,100 children and young people with learning disabilities and / or autism in the UK have behaviour that becomes so challenging that it cannot be managed ‘at home’.
Positive Families Partnership is a new initiative to keep vulnerable families together and prevent young people from being taken into care in London
Supporting the development of community based population health systems 
Reconnections supports elderly and lonely people in Worcestershire
Community Sponsorship supports communities to resettle and integrate refugees in the UK
The health and well being outcomes of Shared Lives are well documented & evidenced. Despite this, growth of Shared Lives has been slow and it remains a sadly under-utilised form of care
Teens & Toddlers Social Impact Bond to support employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming Not in Employment, Education or Training.
Supporting the Teens & Toddlers (now Power2) Social Impact Bond for vulnerable teenagers
We are working with The National Trust to develop a national parks programme part funded by social investment
We are supporting Senegalese and Rwandan partners to develop a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Development Impact Bond to improve the safe collection and transport of faecal sludge (FS)