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The Care and Wellbeing fund is a £12 million fund from Macmillan and Big Society Capital to invest in new models of care for those living with cancer.


The Care and Wellbeing Fund aims to improve long-term health outcomes by investing in community based services and social enterprises. The Fund was launched in 2015 with £12m of investment from Macmillan Cancer Support and Big Society Capital, to help support the development and scaling of projects across the UK. It is supported by a development grant from the Health Foundation to help the Fund team develop investment opportunities to create social impact.

Why we are doing this: 

Social Finance, as Fund Manager, in collaboration with the Fund investors, aim to deliver improved outcomes through community-based models of care.  As the need for funding increases and government budgets become increasingly stretched, it is essential to develop new and innovative approaches to meet future challenges.

What we are doing: 

The first Care and Wellbeing Fund funded project was Reconnections, which aims to reduce loneliness in Worcestershire. The Fund has also established the End of Life Care Incubator, through which it is working closely with local commissioners and partners to accelerate the implementation of effective models of care which offer people choice and support in their last phase of life. These include 24/7 community nursing teams and better support in care homes. In early 2017, the Fund also made its first social enterprise investment into Oomph! Wellness Limited, a social enterprise committed to enhancing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults.


For more information, see: http://www.careandwellbeingfund.co.uk/

Project partners: 
Big Society Capital
The Health Foundation