Children’s Services Benchmarking Tool

Giving local authorities operational insights into the experiences of children under their supervision.

Over 400,000 children in England are receiving social services support at any one time.

There are over 150 Children’s Services departments in the UK with different approaches to providing services to children and their families.

Digital technology has the potential to deepen our understanding of the impact of public services, and the nature of those affected by them. 

Why we are doing this: 

We believe that insight into data, and the sharing thereof helps explain what practice models and interventions can result in better, more sustainable outcomes for children. We are determined to use data to inform the discussion within and across local authorities and other stakeholders.

What we are doing: 

The digital labs team is revolutionising the government’s use of data.

We are helping authorities to:

(1) better understand the children’s services population (current and future), including demand and risk;

(2) better identify opportunities for cross authority collaboration (eg. commissioning);

(3) better detect the challenges individuals and families face.

The Children’s Services Benchmarking Tool is a digital tool that allows authorities to conduct cross-comparable analysis, and to share best practice. The tool will help authorities to rapidly explore their data and access reports to gain key insights to inform and improve delivery.


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