Edge of Care Commissioning Tool

Children’s Services departments need to identify how to best use their limited budgets and more effectively target support at those who need it most.

The Edge of Care Commissioning Tool helps local authorities determine what, if any, edge of care services should be commissioned to support young people. It helps them:

  • define the characteristics of different groups of at risk young people
  • determine the number of young people who would be eligible for different interventions
  • identify the potential local authority cost savings due to a reduction in the young people going into care and/or time spent in care.
What we are doing: 

Social Finance has used the tool to support fifteen local authorities in rethinking how they provide services to young people on the edge of and in care. For example, we helped the Greater London Authority to secure £1.5m of outcomes funding from Big Lottery Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund for a SIB for adolescents on the edge of care: analysis across six London boroughs. The service launched in 2017, with a forecast of improving outcomes for 450 young people and delivering savings of £21.6m over 7 years.


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