Teens & Toddlers 2012

Teens & Toddlers Social Impact Bond to support employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming Not in Employment, Education or Training.

In 2012, the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) commissioned ten Social Impact Bonds under the Innovation Fund, to pilot social investment and new delivery models to support disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 24. All of these Social Impact Bonds were designed to increase future employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming NEET (not in Employment, Education or Training).

Why we are doing this: 

The number of young people who are NEET rose in the ten years between 2003 and 2013, increasing from 10% of all 18 to 24 year olds to just under 20%. There is therefore a strong case for early intervention to prevent young people from becoming NEET.

What we are doing: 

The Teens and Toddlers programme has supported young people in the Greater Manchester region. It matches vulnerable young people with a toddler in nurseries over 18 weeks, and provides on-going support for the young people through to sitting their GCSEs. The programme aims to reduce risky behaviours, such as getting pregnant or joining a gang, as well as helping young people to improve their attitude to school, behaviour school attendance and overall academic achievement. 75% of the young people received an entry-level qualification at the end of the intervention and outcomes for improved attitude and behaviour were attained. During the project, Teens and Toddlers enhanced the level of support offered to participants in the run up to exams through tuition support in Maths and English.


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