Together with a coalition of local partners, we undertook the feasibility, design and launch of Argentina’s first social impact bond (SIB) for employment outcomes.
A man and woman standing in front of a toilet in rural Cambodia
Bringing safe sanitation to rural communities in Cambodia
We are working with Cameroonian and Canadian partners to scale Kangaroo Mother Care for premature and low birth weight infants in Cameroon using a development impact bond
We are working across Latin America to develop a range of impact bonds that address youth unemployment, low educational attainment, lack of female empowerment and poor outcomes for disadvantaged children.
We are supporting the Liberian Ministry of Education and philanthropic funders to manage the Partnership for Schools programme
Bringing equitable access and opportunities to learners in Colombia.
We are supporting the Palestinian Authority, World Bank & DAI on a Development Impact Bond to open up employment opportunities for Palestinian women and youth.
We are supporting Senegalese and Rwandan partners to develop a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) development impact bond to improve the safe collection and transport of faecal sludge.