We are working with Cameroonian and Canadian partners to scale Kangaroo Mother Care for premature and low birth weight infants in Cameroon using a development impact bond
The Energise Social Impact Bond supported employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming NEET
A social impact bond providing therapeutic support for 389 adolescents.
The DePaul Social Impact Bond supports homeless youth
The St Basils Social Impact Bond supports for homeless youth
We are working across Latin America to develop a range of impact bonds that address youth unemployment, low educational attainment, lack of female empowerment and poor outcomes for disadvantaged children.
The Mental Health and Employment social impact bond helps people with severe mental health issues back into work
We are supporting the Palestinian Authority, World Bank & DAI on a Development Impact Bond to open up employment opportunities for Palestinian women and youth.
The world's first social impact bond was a project aimed at reducing reoffending in Peterborough.
Over 1,100 children and young people with learning disabilities and / or autism in the UK have behaviour that becomes so challenging that it cannot be managed ‘at home’.
Positive Families Partnership is a new initiative to keep vulnerable families together and prevent young people from being taken into care in London
Supporting elderly and lonely people in Worcestershire
Teens & Toddlers Social Impact Bond to support employment prospects for teenagers at risk of becoming Not in Employment, Education or Training.
Supporting the Teens & Toddlers (now Power2) Social Impact Bond for vulnerable teenagers