We have strategic partnerships with local authorities to see how we can help them improve services for vulnerable populations
Giving local authorities operational insights into the experiences of children under their supervision.
Every day, a classroom of 35 children are told to permanently leave mainstream education, 70% more than five years ago. We worked closely with a council to better understand which children are at risk of exclusion locally, and how we could support them.
A response to high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse in Essex, South Wales and West Sussex
Transforming the lives of those with health conditions by helping them find work
We are working with both Enfield Council to help structure funding solutions for provision for homeless families
Over 1,100 children and young people with learning disabilities and / or autism in the UK have behaviour that becomes so challenging that it cannot be managed ‘at home’.
Positive Families Partnership is a new initiative to keep vulnerable families together and prevent young people from being taken into care in London
Shared Lives offer housing for vulnerable adults whereby host families provide community-based care.
Supporting the Teens & Toddlers (now Power2) Social Impact Bond for vulnerable teenagers