Giving local authorities operational insights into the experiences of children under their supervision.
A social impact bond providing therapeutic support for 389 adolescents.
The DePaul Social Impact Bond supports homeless youth
Leaving Well is a framework to improve support for young people leaving the care system.
A vision for inclusive systems change to support children at risk of exclusion.
A child of around 10 years old siting on a sofa using a tablet computer
We helped the NSPCC evaluate whether the Digital Life Stories tool was sustainable in the long term.
Over 1,100 children and young people with learning disabilities and / or autism in the UK have behaviour that becomes so challenging that it cannot be managed ‘at home’.
Positive Families Partnership is a new initiative to keep vulnerable families together and prevent young people from being taken into care in London
Supporting the Teens & Toddlers (now Power2) Social Impact Bond for vulnerable teenagers
Supporting collaborative approaches to research into anxiety and depression in young people.