Giving local authorities operational insights into the experiences of children under their supervision.
How can we better protect the most vulnerable young people from falling out of education and employment?
Children’s Services departments need to identify how to best use their limited budgets and more effectively target support at those who need it most.
Social workers seldom have access to all the information they need on a child and their family when deciding whether there is a safeguarding risk and what support is most appropriate.
Leaving Well is a framework to improve support for young people leaving the care system.
Leeds City Council needed visibility across all of their Early Help services to analyse what works best and continue to improve services.
A child of around 10 years old siting on a sofa using a tablet computer
We helped the NSPCC evaluate whether the Digital Life Stories tool was sustainable in the long term.
Every day, a classroom of 35 children are told to permanently leave mainstream education, 70% more than five years ago. We worked closely with a council to better understand which children are at risk of exclusion locally, and how we could support them.