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Social Finance launches Social Impact Bond white paper and global Impact Bond database

The Social Finance Global Network launches today (5 July) its latest white paper, Social Impact Bonds: The Early Years.

Key highlights of the report:

  • 60 Social Impact Bonds have launched in 15 countries, raising more than $200m in investment to address social challenges. 
  • 22 projects have posted results, 21 of which have posted positive outcomes for beneficiaries.
  • 12 programmes have made outcomes payments and 4 Social Impact Bonds have repaid investors in full with a return on their investment.

The white paper reflects the shared lessons from the Social Finance Global Network, across sister organisations in the UK, US and Israel—which, together, represent the largest pool of Social Impact Bond expertise globally, across multiple jurisdictions.

In 2010, Social Finance pioneered the Social Impact Bond, an innovative public-private partnership model that aims to measurably improve the lives of people most in need by driving resources towards better, more effective programmes. Six years later, Social Impact Bonds have gained significant global momentum.

Alongside the paper, Social Finance is also launching its live global database of Social Impact Bonds. The database can be sorted by country, issue area, investor, payor and service provider, providing a comprehensive overview of Social Impact Bonds launched to date and a snapshot of the many in development.  This is an important open platform for the community of global practitioners and others who are actively following this rapidly evolving field.  User input will be critical to develop this living, collaborative resource.

Please download the attachment for the full press release.


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