Engaging in outcomes-based partnerships: Frameworks to support ecosystem and service provider readiness

3 May 2022

What conditions and characteristics are needed to successfully engage in outcomes-based partnerships (OBPs)?  

This collection of reports by Social Finance in partnership with Government Outcomes Lab (GO Lab), with funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), draws on the latest evidence and experience from the field to provide two frameworks for understanding what readiness means for ecosystems and service providers looking to engage in OBPs.

The use of OBPs as approaches to deliver services to populations and achieve social good has increased in recent decades. They present an opportunity to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by centring service delivery and payment for that service around a shared set of target outcomes. This collection looks to support all actors, from governments to service providers, those experienced in OBPs to those just starting out, to better use OBPs to achieve social outcomes. Specifically, the competencies and characteristics that are needed to kick-start, build and embed OBPs at an ecosystem level and a service provider level.

The reports comprise:

An overview of methods: Report outlining the approach used to develop the frameworks and key findings from our literature review.

Ecosystem readiness framework: Practical tool that captures the core competencies and characteristics needed in an ecosystem to participate in OBPs from launching the first pilots, to embedding outcomes-based mechanisms as a core way of working.

Service provider readiness framework: Practical tool that captures the core competencies and characteristics needed to participate in OBPs as a service provider, from participating in their first partnership to embedding outcomes-focused ways of working across the organisation.  

See also:

Short executive summaries of the frameworks, produced by GO Lab.

A webinar introducing and discussing these frameworks.


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