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Social Finance Digital Labs harnesses the power of data and digital for good.

Data and digital can help overcome the challenges of increasing inequality, limited funding and eroding services. They can enable the personalisation of services, making them more convenient and impactful.  But there is also increasing potential for data and digital to intentionally exclude or further discriminate.

A new approach is needed to unleash the power of data and digital to improve services and create a fairer society. One that starts with the social problem and has the skills to rethink how we solve them.

So we’ve created a multi-disciplinary team of government and social sector practitioners, technologists, ethicists, service designers, product managers, user researchers, and data scientists.  We work in partnership with organisations to design, build, and embed solutions and services that empower people and improve lives.

Our approach:

People-centred. We put people-first. We work with service users, practitioners and experts to understand the problem and identify how data and digital can have an impact. This enables us to orientate everything around what people actually need. 

Outcomes-focused. We make things that help people to thrive. We use our understanding of the problem and the wider context (from policy to organisational culture to legacy systems) to ensure our services and products enable people to achieve the outcomes they want.  

Future-oriented. We help our partners keep-up with the pace of innovation and change. We future proof our products and services by planning and building them with a clear view of what is on the horizon. Our long term view ensures we invest in building our partners’ skills and put in place the infrastructure needed to deliver lasting change.

Project partners: 
Christie Foundation


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