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Eli is a researcher and social change consultant focusing primarily on the empowerment of traditionally marginalised communities. Having studied a Master's degree at the SOAS in Transitional Justice, Eli was awarded first-class honours for his thesis, ‘Collective remembering: a study of the British Jamaican experience in navigating the legacies of colonialism and slavery in the UK’.

Eli works in a number of capacities to address the legacies of slavery, colonialism and structural racism in relation to the Black British community with a focus on education. Eli previously served as the Communications and Engagement Lead at Memorial 2007 a charity dedicated to building the first national memorial to victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and their descendants as a point of reflection and education. He is also the co-founder of The Embassy of Blackness, a global platform which connects black led initiatives across the globe to enable collaborative working, the sharing of strategic support and resources in order to transform the experiences of the Black community globally.

Away from his freelance work, Eli currently is employed by Ten Years’ Time as a Senior Social Justice Consultant where he promotes the value of lived experience at decision making tables and works with philanthropists and grassroots groups to identify solutions to the most pressing issues affecting society. Most recently he has been involved in a number of projects and campaigns to build conversations and policies around climate change that reflect the realities of communities of colour, presently working with the Greater London Authority to co-produce community led climate action initiatives.