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Gina joined the Social Finance Graduate Programme in 2017. Her first rotation is on the commissioner advisory team. Gina will be working with local authorities to drive changes across public services for vulnerable children and youths. Gina will also be supporting local authorities in their endeavour to transform the commissioning process of drug and alcohol services to become more outcomes-driven.

Prior to joining Social Finance, Gina gained experience in housing and homelessness charities: she worked on the ground supporting long-term homeless people with complex needs, and later worked on the business development team of Shelter, a national homelessness prevention and advocacy charity.

In 2015, Gina graduated with a Ba (Hons) from Trinity College Dublin in Philosophy and Psychology. Throughout university Gina worked in counselling and advocacy for women and LGBT+ youth. In her free time, Gina enjoys learning new languages, and practicing yoga and meditation.