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Katy joined Social Finance in 2019 and is a Director in the Health and Social Care Team.

Katy is the Director for the End of Life Care Integrator, a social purpose company that uses social impact bonds to fund sustainable transformation in end of life care. Building on the Integrator's success, Katy is now leading the development and delivery of a £16m End of Life Care Fund for Macmillan Cancer Support. This is the first of its kind and aims to support over £30m of frontline services.

Before joining Social Finance, Katy held a number of strategic and operational roles and has extensive experience of service transformation and organisational change across a range of sectors. Most recently, as Head of Strategic Delivery at Ealing CCG, Katy led the development and delivery of the CCG’s Operating Plan as well as its Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention programme.

Katy also worked for several years at Macmillan Cancer Support where she led the development of new services in North West London, including the piloting of the UK’s first Cancer Navigator role and later headed up the Innovation Team, leading the design of personalised care for people affected by cancer.