Sarah Baillie

Sarah is an Associate Director in the Government + Enterprise team. 

She has been with Social Finance since March 2021. Her recent project work has focused on the health and work area, and she has previously managed our Mental Health and Employment Partnerships (MHEP) SIB. Sarah has also been involved in the stewardship of our online tool for management of IPS services across England. She is now in our Government + Enterprise Advisory team working across multiple issue areas.

Prior to working at Social Finance, Sarah has worked, both in New Zealand and the UK, on measuring the impact of, and supporting the funding and delivery of, a wide range of services for those with multiple disadvantage. This has included housing and homelessness services, family violence services and a wide range of health services including youth mental health and urgent and emergency care.

What would be your superpower? 

Teleporting – anything to avoid my long morning commute!

If time travel were possible, which era would you go to?

To the 1950s and spend time with my grandparents in their twenties.

What’s your speciality in the kitchen?

I make a great cauliflower cheese for Christmas!

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