Finance and funding

We can help you understand existing costs and new opportunities 

We use financial analysis and modelling to understand the costs in a system and investigate new opportunities. We can:

  • Run cost benefit analyses of services to see if they deliver value for money.

  • Help partners decide if new ideas are financially viable, work out the best way to finance them and create business models.

  • Look at how money flows through services and contracts and how this can change to achieve better outcomes for people, spotting opportunities to change how services get commissioned.

We can help you secure funding for social change

We scope, design and build social outcomes contracts to secure funding for social change. This is an innovative funding approach where an initial investor puts up money at risk and is repaid by an outcomes funder only if and when a project improves lives. Our role includes:

  • Helping to connect investors and funders and build partnerships.

  • Outlining investment opportunities – modelling the ways an investment could play out and illustrating the potential impact an investor could have to improve people’s lives.

  • Defining and pricing the desired outcomes – researching and setting a fair cost for delivery of outcomes.

  • Aligning incentives – designing the contract terms to create incentives and the sharing of risk in a way that drives everyone towards the same outcomes.

We can also help organisations access other methods of finance and funding for social change including grants and government funding. 

Where budgets are fixed or decreasing, we can help you get maximum value out of what you have.

Examples of the impact we’ve created with our finance and funding work.

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