About us

We're a not for profit organisation that partners with governments, service providers, the voluntary sector and the financial community. Together, we find better ways of tackling social problems in the UK and globally.

Whether you are looking for a partner to transform services through data insights and system redesign, investment for your social enterprise to scale your mission or an Outcomes Fund to align finance and mission here or abroad, we can help you deliver greater impact.

Since we started in 2007, Social Finance has helped to pioneer a series of programmes to improve outcomes for individuals with complex needs. Our innovations, including the social impact bond model, have mobilised more than £500 million globally. We have sister organisations in the US, Israel, the Netherlands and India and a network of partners across the world.

Our vision

A fairer world.
Where together we unleash the potential of people and communities.

Our mission

To be an engine for social change.
By having big ideas and the know-how to see them through.


Our values


We unearth the evidence, ask the awkward questions and don’t give up until we get an answer.

Through rigorous thinking, and learning from others, we generate ideas that make a big social impact.


We look from all angles, welcome all viewpoints. We seek to understand without reproach.

We build strong teams from diverse backgrounds, with a shared goal to create lasting partnerships for change.


We are ambitious for lasting change and won’t stop until social systems truly meet people’s needs.

Change is hard. But by combining social insight, business flair and practical innovation – we make it happen.



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