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Changing Lives, Changing Systems is a series of reports and an overarching framework commissioned by Social Finance into our experience of pursuing impact at scale, in order to draw out and share lessons for charities, funders and others involved in social change.

The series covers five initiatives that we have worked on over the last five years; case study reports on each will be published on this page over the coming weeks.

  • Drive – a systems change initiative aiming to change the way that the criminal justice system, social services and other agencies respond to high harm perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse;
  • Health & Employment Partnerships – a portfolio programme which has pursued a wide variety of approaches to develop and spread better models of employment support for people with health conditions;
  • Housing Gateway – an initiative which took an open source approach to share its sustainable model for housing homeless families more widely;
  • Positive Families Partnership – a programme supporting families at risk of breakdown, which was built around a platform model that enabled new areas to come on board quickly and easily;
  • Reconnections – a programme for lonely and isolated older people which Social Finance transferred to a larger specialist organisation with the resources to replicate it in multiple areas.



Drawing on our experiences and learning, as well as the social change efforts of other organisations, we have identified a range of strategies and approaches for achieving social impact at scale. These are captured in our ‘Routes to Scale’ framework (pictured below), which sets out a series of ‘building blocks’ or milestones on the way to impact at scale, and a variety of different ‘strategic levers’ that organisations and movements can deploy to put these building blocks in place.


Framework report

Building Routes to Scale

Impact at scale is a goal many of us share – but not one often or easily achieved. In this report we share our ‘Routes to Scale framework’ to help others plan for impact at scale. Our hope is that this practical tool demystifies the range of possible approaches and helps others define their contribution to a bigger goal.

We have looked at examples that have achieved or are making progress towards impact at scale and many are shared in this report to illustrate the framework. These examples highlight that the reality of achieving impact at scale it is about weaving different strategies together and building on what others are doing.

Read the report (PDF)


Case study reports

Lessons from reducing and preventing domestic violence

This report by Social Finance and Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales shares learning from practical experience of creating systemic change. It focuses on Drive - a partnership across statutory and voluntary agencies responding to perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse to keep victims and survivors safe.

Our hope is that by sharing the general lessons they can be applied by other charities, funders and agencies involved in social change on a range of issues.

Read the report (PDF)




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