Julia Stapleton

Julia joined Social Finance in March 2019 as the IPS Grow Lead for London. 

She works across the region supporting the NHS England national expansion of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) in mental health services.

Julia previously worked for an agency of the Department for the Environment and as an HR Manager in the prison service.

In 2005 Julia moved into the health sector and spent the next ten years as an Employment Specialist for South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust and Balance Social Enterprise in Kingston. She subsequently took on the role of Lead Community Partner for Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex for the Department of Work & Pensions, working to develop approaches to pan-disability support.

In her spare time, Julia loves to sing (she has performed in over 30 amateur musicals), and take on new physical and mental challenges as a regular member of LemonBody Bootcamp.

Your ideal dinner party guests?

Julie Walters, Tim Minchin, Mel Giedroyc, David Attenborough, Rich Hall.

If time travel were possible, which era would you go to?

Ooh, that’s hard! 1920s for the innocence, glamour and decadence before the crash! I also have a fascination with the Victorian era but not sure I would want to go there! Shakespeare’s era might be fun and I would like to see England when it was covered in trees :-) Mind you, going any further back, I might not fit the feminine mould’!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Anyone who speaks up for injustice despite the impact on them — Malala Yousafzai.

Personally, my friend Eleanor who is bold, contrary, enigmatic, beautiful! She is full of forgiveness, generosity, humility and gentleness and truth.

Which person in history would you most like to have met?

Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, John Lennon or Marlon Brando.

If you could bring one person back who could / could have helped the planet, who would it be?

Gandhi or Leonardo da Vinci.

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