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The End of Life Care Integrator (EOLCI) provides development support and upfront investment to support the development, delivery and sustainability of community-based end of life care services.


Currently, around 1% of the population are estimated to be in their last year of life – this is about 500,000 people in England.

Everyone should be supported to die well, but currently there are challenges in delivering care that is well planned and tailored to patients’ needs. Evidence suggests that community services can deliver better experiences for people at the end of life, and their families, and prevent costly and unnecessary hospital care.

The EOLCI is working with multiple health and social care partners, including Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), across England to establish social investment models which will drive improvements in end of life care and deliver better use of system resources.

The EOLCI is owned by the Care and Wellbeing Fund and is supported by funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.


Why we are doing this: 

Over the last decade, significant progress has been made in developing better care and support during the last months and weeks of life. Awareness has grown, new care processes developed, and important partnerships formed. Yet, in too many places, people still do not always receive the right type of care, in the right place, at the right time and in ways which reflect their personal choices.

Improving care often requires up-front investment. In particular, as Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care and the original National End of Life Care Strategy articulate, the development of high quality 24/7 nursing care, well-coordinated across community settings, is an investment which can significantly enhance people’s choice and wellbeing.

The investment challenge is therefore one of supporting the transition to better 24/7 community care in the short and medium term and ensuring that such new services are well implemented, coordinated and managed to meet the needs of end of life patients. This includes the ability to respond rapidly and flexibly where needed.

What we are doing: 

The Integrator is working in multiple areas which have a need to expand 24/7 community end of life care. The EOLC Integrator provides development support and upfront investment to facilitate the design and delivery of improved community-based end of life care services. In return, CCGs and the wider system would be expected to closely collaborate in co-designing and commissioning the service.

In other areas, the Integrator is supporting the development of community nursing that is able to rapidly respond to patients in their own homes, as well as more targeted interventions for care home residents and staff.

For more information or to discuss a potential end of life care project please contact: hello@careandwellbeingfund.co.uk.